Allergy cards

Travelers often use these cards to let restaurant staff know of their preferences and allergies.

We don’t affiliate with any of these sites so please visit at your own risk. Some cards may have Japanese that is not perfect, but because the layout is unique in each case, we want to include as many options as possible for you to choose from.

• For a great breakdown of useful phrases, shopping and dining tips, and a free customizable allergy card, Live Japan has a great page full of survival tips.

• There is a basic explanation of what celiacs can’t eat (including oats) on the free card from Celiac Travel

Shards of Blue has a great page with a card with a gluten explanation as well as a free card with foods that are ok to eat.

Legal Nomads has restaurant cards to purchase in addition to a lot of other useful gluten-free information.

• If you are looking for other allergies or preferences in addition to gluten-free, SelectWisely has cards to purchase that include: vegetarianism, non-dairy, sugar-free, or even an custom option.