Map Explanation

All restaurants are categorized by how they accommodate to gluten-free dining.

Red100% Gluten-Free” restaurants are ones that only serve and produce gluten-free foods in their kitchens.

PinkGluten-Free options available” restaurants are ones that serve gluten-free foods in the same kitchens as foods containing gluten. Therefore cross contamination is possible.

BlueNot Labeled as Gluten-Free: eat at own risk” restaurants are ones that do not have any items on their menus that are labeled as gluten-free. These restaurants may have allergy information listed, or have been known to accommodate to gluten-free restrictions.

Shops that sell Gluten-Free products” shops that carry gluten-free groceries either labeled in English or Japanese.


Restaurants may change their menus or practices at any time. We are not accountable for any issue that may occur at these establishments. It is the reader’s responsibility to check with each restaurant before eating. We know that there are varying levels of what people are willing to tolerate while living gluten-free so please use this information to decide if it fits within your comfort zone.

Unfortunately we have encountered restaurants that label themselves as gluten-free, but upon visiting or contacting them we have found that they are not. So please be vigilant and double check. If you find an establishment on our map that is labeling their food as gluten-free but have found it is not, please contact us.

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