Why Gf Guide Japan?

We are a website dedicated to making life easier in Japan for anyone living gluten-free. As foreigners in Japan we understand a lot of the challenges associated with avoiding gluten. We also realize a lot of the misconceptions of what gluten free means in Japan, so we want this page to inform both customers and businesses.

Here at Gluten-Free Guide Japan, we are aware of all of the challenges people face living a gluten-free life. It is a never ending battle to find foods that won’t make us ill, that taste good, that are healthy (or not!), or that we are in the mood for. We frequently have to compromise our tastes, schedules, relationships, health, and most importantly our budgets! It is totally overwhelming and discouraging at times.

BUT by reading this we hope you realize you are not alone. Our main goal is to help foster a gluten-free community where people’s needs are acknowledged and people feel supported. That way, we can all spend less time painfully searching for our next meal (or wondering if we have to eat that same salmon onigiri again) and spend more time on the fun things in life. We welcome your questions and suggestions, and thank you for stopping by. ✌