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Welcome to Gluten-Free Guide Japan!

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Hello! Welcome to Gluten-Free Guide Japan, a resource for navigating a GF lifestyle or journey here in Japan.

We—Alex and Holly—met through mutual friends a few years back at a New Year’s party. However, we didn’t realize we were both gluten-free until we saw each other’s posts in the Gluten-Free Expats Japan Facebook group.

We started sharing tips with each other and realized there is still a lot of misinformation and confusion in Japan about what “GF” means.

We also noticed a lot of posts in the Facebook group from struggling travelers and expats, and we wanted to help. Realizing that there was a growing community with needs to be addressed, we began compiling information and seeking out gluten-free places all over Japan.

Which is how we got inspired to create a map for gluten-free travelers like us. Our map includes restaurants, bakeries, shops, and even a few bars across Japan so no one has to go gluten-free hangry again.

While the bulk of our information is still Tokyo-based, we hope to keep building resources for anyone in Japan.

On this blog, we will be posting survival tips, GF shops and products, cultural information, and various advice.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We welcome your ideas and questions to shape this blog into the tools that the community seeks. Let us know in the comments what challenges you are facing, and we will try to help!

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