Vegan Burger Nourish

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Vegan Burger Nourish in Musashi-Kosugi has some Gluten-Free choices
Vegan Burger Nourish in Musashi-Kosugi

Before you visit

  • This restaurant is not 100% gluten-free and prepares food that contains gluten
  • Always double check with staff about possible changes in the menu and what gluten-free items are available

This all-vegan burger shop opened fall 2018 and hosts a unique selection of sandwiches. At the time of my visit, there were three 100% gluten-free burgers as well as a cheesecake made with sake kasu.

  • ベジチキン南蛮=Veggie Chicken Nanban Burger
  • やみつきベジカルビ=Addictive Veggie Kalbi Burger
  • 発酵テンペ照り焼き=Fermented Tempeh Teriyaki Burger
Vegan Burger Nourish's menu
Vegan Burger Nourish’s menu with Gluten-Free items marked

Before going gluten-free, I took FOREVER to choose off a menu because I wanted it ALL. Now, though I still want to eat everything, there are so few gluten-free choices in Japan it makes the decision making process a lot faster. With Nourish Burger I was back to my nostalgic hemming and hawing. I finally landed on the Veggie Chicken Nanban Burger.

Vegan Gluten-Free Chicken Nanban Burger
Vegan Chicken Nanban Burger

Chicken Nanban ( チキン南蛮) is a specialty of Miyazaki, Japan on the southern island of Kyushu. Chicken Nanban usually consists of fried chicken coated in a vinegar sauce, topped with tartar sauce and served with a side of rice. This dish can be found in many lunch spots around Japan and is also a common staple at Japanese supermarkets. The bad news is, the chicken is fried in a wheat flour (小麦粉) batter and covered in sauce that is made with Japanese soy sauce (醤油) that also contains wheat. NOT GF.

Gluten-Free and Vegan desserts at Vegan Burger Nourish
Dessert menu with vegan and gluten-free options at Vegan Burger Nourish

Fried chicken, or fried food in general, is something I truly miss about my pre-gluten-free life. Which is why I was excited to see one of my old favorites in a version I could actually enjoy. Fried (vegan)chicken with (vegan) tartar sauce on a 100% rice flour bun. Perfection!

Restaurant Information

Business Hours Sun-Thurs 11:30-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30-10:00pm
Nearest StationsShin-Maruko: 3 mins walk
Musashi-Kosugi: 6 mins walk
WebsiteVegan Burger Nourish Facebook

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