Gluten-Free Fuji Rock: Part 2

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Gluten-Free Vendors

I had hoped to have more gluten-free discoveries to share with you. I researched and contacted every vendor. Unfortunately, many businesses have not responded, and many others have said they do not have anything gluten free. 

Below I have some suggestions. First, I list some places that have confirmed that they have some gluten-free items.

After that I list some places that might be gluten-free friendly, but I cannot guarantee that they are gluten free since they did not get back to me. 

I will be posting things on Instagram if I find something other than what is on this blog. 

But wait…first!!!

This information is coming from the vendors, so we cannot guarantee the information is accurate. Please use your best judgment.

Even though the owners might be familiar with gluten-free, staff might not be.

If you go to a stand at a time that’s not busy, they are more likely to be able to look at your allergy card and assist you with the menu. 

Even the “safe” options I list below might not be appropriate for celiacs, since cross-contamination would be a probability. See Part 1 for some snack tips.

The “safe” list

The following vendors confirmed to me that they will serve gluten-free menu items:

Area: Palace of Wonder 

台湾佐記麺線  “Taiwanese soul food.” Fried chicken is gluten free (made with tapioca flour).  I’m not sure about cross-contamination in the fryer, so if you’re sensitive you could ask. 

Area: Ganban Square 

ぞうめし屋 (Elephant Rice Restaurant) Meat miso rice bowls—all except the avocado mayo version are gluten free. 

Oimo Cafe focuses on local veggie dishes and has a vegan menu. The following items are GF: grilled vegetable BBQ, minestrone, sweet potato ice cream, sweet potato brûlée, boiled soy beans, butter potato, chameshi (rice cooked in green tea), potato chips, cooked spinach salad, turnip leaf salad. If you’re vegan and GF this might be the only place onsite that can feed you.

Area: Orange Cafe

Spice Stand 556all gluten-free: curry, jerk chicken and other international dishes.


岩原まつえんどん The vegetable soup is gluten free. From what I understand the bagels are not gluten free even though they are made with brown rice (wheat is added.) 

タナカクマキチ Maitake Tororo Don (Mushroom-Sticky Potato Rice Bowl) is gluten free. Note that they have a lot of vegan and vegetarian items, but only that dish is GF.

Area: Field of Heaven

Lotus Café—this shop has many wheat-free items, but not “gluten free.” They might be able to offer you something that isn’t certified GF, but is safe for a person who is only intolerant. 

It “might be” safe list

The following vendors were not in contact with me, but based on previous experiences and reading their vendor information, the following places are “gluten-free friendly.”

I cannot guarantee that these places will serve you anything GF. Please be careful, especially if you’re celiac.

Area: 場外SHOP

グリルワーク(Grill Work Kebab). The meat and rice itself should be gluten-free friendly, but beware sauces, and, of course, the pita.  

さかたや(場外) This place says that they have yakitori skewers. If you ask to have it made with just salt, no soy sauce, it’s gluten-free friendly.

湯沢東映ホテルの鉄板焼きステーキハウス  I have never eaten here, but it looks like they make steaks. If they can make a steak with just salt and pepper, it should be gluten-free friendly. Please ask them.

Area: Campsite 

いなか茶屋山彩 Focuses on Niigata rice dishes. Looks pretty healthy and natural, so they might be able to provide you something if you show your card. 

さかたや This place says that they have yakitori skewers. You can ask to have it made with just salt, no soy sauce to make it gluten-free-friendly.

Area: Palace of Wonder 

ミート工房かわば A shop that focuses on “award-winning” meats, so they might be able to serve you a meat that is gluten-free friendly. Of course, beware seasonings, sauces, and meats that might use fillers.

Area: Ganban Square 

Jasmine Thai I often take a gamble with authentic Thai food as long as I choose the items made with rice. I eat at Jasmine Thai every year and have never had any issues with any of the items, but proceed with caution if you’re sensitive. Green curry is probably the safest bet.

インド料理ムンバイ  Authentic Indian food is another go-to gluten-free-friendly meal for me in Japan, and especially at Fuji Rock. I order curry and rice every year here and haven’t had any issues.

イスタンブールレストランGINZA  Another kebab place that could probably make you a plate.

オアシスプリンス店 Prince Hotel’s shop featuring steak. They might be able to make steak with just salt and pepper.

森のステーキ屋ビトロー This place also serves steak; always beware sauces and seasonings.

元祖越後もちぶた  This shop seems to serve yakitori. Make sure you order it with only salt as seasoning, not soy sauce.

Area: Blue Galaxy

WE are the farmorganic restaurant in Tokyo that I’ve heard of but never been to. They say they have nachos, so this might be a good place to check. They are also likely to have a vegan or vegetarian option.


タコデリオ Brown rice cafe—taco rice or steak rice—be sure to ask if the seasonings and sauces are safe. Often taco seasoning has wheat added.

Area: Field of Heaven

下町バル ながおか屋 This shop is all about lamb chops. I am not sure about the sauce or seasonings, so please ask.

井の頭ナムチャイ This is a Thai place run by a Japanese guy. I mostly trust authentic Thai food, but sometimes Japanese people add different ingredients, which may contain gluten, so please check!

Area: Orange Cafe

新潟あさごはん Specializes in brown rice and local vegetable dishes. Might be able to make something gluten-free-friendly.

Area: Stoned Circle (OK I just had to find a way to include this area because, LOL!)

四代目徳次郎 Japanese shaved ice. The owner confirmed that he does not use mizuame (barley syrup), but didn’t confirm that it is gluten free, so be careful.


There will be plenty of spirits, wines, etc. available all over the festival. Most bars are pretty well-equipped and open late. There will also be a fair amount of Nihonshu, often known as sake.

越後魚沼の地酒プロモーション (in Ganban Square) mention that they will have different types of local sake available. Lucky for us, sake is naturally GF.

Note that you can bring alcohol inside the venue as long as it’s not in a can or glass container.

How about outside of the festival?

There will be very few options in Yuzawa town, apart from a few small convenience stores. Most do not seem to have anything gluten free from reading their information. Most of the businesses I contacted either did not respond or said they were taking a holiday during Fuji Rock

Have fun!!!

Keep an eye on our instagram for updates. Hope this list has been helpful. Please read carefully and choose wisely.


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