KFC Allergen Friendly Meal in Japan

KFC Japan Releases Allergen Friendly/Wheat-Free (NOT necessarily Gluten-Free) Meal

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**Update! Due to feedback and questions, this post has been edited to clear any confusion.**

That’s right! KFC in Japan has released an allergen friendly meal set.

KFC Japan has wheat free meal
KFC Japan has a new allergy friendly meal set

Here are the facts:

  • Price: 600yen
  • WHEAT-FREE (Barley, rye, malt are UNKNOWN)
  • Only available for dine-in
  • What’s inside: Orange juice, dinner roll, one piece of chicken, and a banana stick cake
  • All items came wrapped in packages (They seem to take the chicken out for you)
  • Only available at 143 stores nationwide. Here is the link (pdf) for the Japanese language list of shops.
  • 36 locations in Tokyo, 21 in Osaka, 17 in Yokohama, and 1 in Kyoto
Allergen Free meal at KFC Japan

The meal set is free of WHEAT, Egg, Dairy, Nuts, and other allergens. And that includes cross contamination (CC) in the place of manufacturing.

Because rye, malt, and barley are not considered allergens in Japan, these ingredients are still unknown.

Allergy Information for the KFC meal set
Here is the allergy info for the meals available. The set we ate is the upper (orange area) and has no CC or WHEAT.

BUT beware!!

We KNOW this means it isn’t technically certified Gluten Free.

But we want to give options to those who are on all sides of the tolerance spectrum. Please eat at your own risk!

My daughter about to have a meltdown if she doesn’t get some bread soon

My experience

Though I knew it wasn’t 100% gf, I wanted to check out this meal for any chance I would be out and needed a quick bite to eat for me or my daughter (who is gluten and egg free). And that is pretty much what it is good for. The tray and set up is clearly meant to be for a child.

Because only children have food allergies???

So the portion size was fairly small, but since the bread is made from rice flour, it was surprisingly filling. Would I need two sets on an empty stomach? YES.

The staff were VERY careful in the back (yes, I was peeking) at microwaving the set and making sure everything was in place. It took about 5 minutes for them to heat everything up for us.

KFC Japan menu
The menu at KFC has the allergen meal in the lower right corner.

When I arrived at KFC I was looking at the large menus and signs for the allergen meal picture, but couldn’t find it. I had to walk up to the counter and check the menu and I FOUND IT! In the lower right corner (AT PARTICIPATING LOCATIONS ONLY).

Look for 低アレルゲンチキンセット

Wheat-free meal at KFC Tokyo, Japan
The allergen free set at KFC Japan

If you want to check for yourself, here are the links (all in Japanese).

Have you tried the meal yet? Let us know what you thought! Worth the money? Not at your comfort level? Lifesaver in a pinch?


    1. The chicken was seasoned fairly well so it wasn’t that bad actually. The bread was typical Japanese 100% rice flour mochimochi bread. So maybe not what a foreigner would consider ‘bread’ but still good. The banana cake had clearly been frozen because it was still cold. BUT it was the winner. It had a really nice strong and real banana taste. It’s not horrible? Not spectacular. But definitely worth a try if you’re comfortable and it’s not too far out of your way.


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