Top 4 Tokyo Coffee Shops with Gluten-Free sweets

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Tokyo is serious about their coffee. My husband too, is serious about the coffee he drinks. We often end up planning our weekends around which coffee shop he wants to visit, and I do gf hunting along the way and take our daughter to a nearby park.

If you are also serious about your coffee, and want some gluten-free sweets to accompany your nice beverage, you are in luck.

Tokyo hosts some great coffee chains that have locations across the city. Whenever I am in between meals or am getting particularly hangry, I try to find one of these shops to buy a snack to hold me over.

1: Streamer Coffee Company

A perfectly poured latte with gluten-free espresso chiffon cake at Streamer’s Shibuya

Streamer Coffee Company was started by latte art champion Hiroshi Sawada with his first store in Shibuya in 2010. Since then, Streamer Coffee Company has risen to the top of the coffee lists as a must-see location for coffee lovers.

When I first visited the Shibuya location I felt at home. Ahhhh the comfy chairs, free wifi, outdoor seating, and chill vibe made me realize how much I missed that environment here in Japan. Many coffee shops try to emulate that North American scene, but Streamer Coffee Company is one of the few to get it right.

Here’s for the gf part.

Gluten-Free carrot cake and latte from Streamer Coffee Company Nakameguro.

Streamer Coffee Company has been selling various gluten-free sweets at their Tokyo locations. Including a very elusive carrot cake that I try to catch every time I pass a shop.

With 9 Tokyo locations and others in Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Takayama, you’re sure to find a nice seat to enjoy a perfect latte and some gluten-free sweets.

(We have ALL Streamer Coffee Company locations on our custom map.)

The Shibuya branch is open 8am to 6pm (Mon-Fri, Hol) & 10am to 6pm (Sat, Sun)

2: Blue Bottle Coffee

Gluten-free pound cake from Blue Bottle Coffee Tokyo.

Another contender for the best coffee in Tokyo is Blue Bottle Coffee. With a great reputation in the coffee world, Blue Bottle boasts the freshest beans possible. Their cafes get a lot of traffic so they may be best suited for a quick sit or take-out.

Recently all Blue Bottle Tokyo locations have been carrying a gluten-free almond pound cake that is pretty delicious. Hopefully you can find them at your local shop!

Blue Bottle Coffee Japan’s Gluten-Free Almond Soy Cake.

Blue Bottle has 14 locations in Tokyo, one in Kobe, and two in Kyoto. But my favorite is hidden away in the neighborhood of Sangenjaya. Tucked away behind buildings, it has nice indoor and outdoor seating and isn’t as crowded as the rest.

The large Aoyama Cafe is open daily from 8-7pm and has plenty of seating.

(Check our map for all locations!)

3: Onibus Coffee

Onibus Coffee Japan has started selling gluten-free cakes.

Onibus Coffee hosts amazing coffee, cozy shops, AND gluten-free sweets. With Onibus, quality trumps quantity. Though they only have four locations in Tokyo, their coffee is said to be the best in the city.

We recommend visiting the popular Nakameguro Onibus Coffee shop for a to-go latte and gluten-free/vegan coconut pound cake to enjoy along the river.

Vegan and gluten-free cake at Onibus Coffee Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Nakameguro, Okusawa, and Yakumo branches are open from 9-6pm but have irregular holidays.

4: Saikyou no Butter Coffee

Gluten-Free Shop Saikyou no Butter Coffee in Yoyogi Tokyo
Saikyou no Butter Coffee in Yoyogi, Tokyo.

Saikyou no Butter Coffee is a 100% gluten-free company with two Tokyo locations. Their primary focus is butter/oil coffees but they also carry other beverages. The Yoyogi shop has a takeaway counter with snacks and drinks. We tried their seasonal Halloween themed bagel and tuna/mayo muffin.

Their second location in Ikebukuro is a sit-in cafe with numerous lunch and dinner options including curries, fried chicken, steak, salads and a seasonal menu. You can also buy their gf cheesecake and gateau chocolat whole or by the slice.

Gluten-free Halloween themed bagel
Gluten-free bagel from Saikyou no Butter Coffee in Yoyogi, Tokyo.

Do like us and stop by the Yoyogi takeout branch, get some snacks, and head over to the north entrance of Yoyogi Park to enjoy.

The Yoyogi branch is open 8am-8pm weekdays, 10-6 on weekends and holidays. The Ikebukuro branch is open 8:30am-8pm weekdays, 11-8pm on weekends and holidays.

Have you spotted any gf sweets at coffee shops around Japan? Let us know in the comments below.

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