15 GF Businesses You Can Support from Home

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Even though in Japan we haven’t really had a lockdown, many of us have been going out and eating out less. Many of us also worry if our favorite GF small businesses will survive this pandemic. 

We decided to compile a list of some businesses you can support from the safety of your home. We do not have any affiliation with these businesses, so please contact the businesses directly if you have specific questions. Unfortunately, some of these businesses only have information in Japanese, but with a little help from Google translate and pictures, it’s fairly easy to get by if Japanese is a struggle. 

Also many companies are offering free shipping if you order a minimum amount, so it’s a good idea to read their shipping policies and/or experiment with your cart a little bit before you check out.


  1. Biossa

Tokyo bakery with an online store with items like baguettes, cakes, bread loaves, etc. The keema curry bread looks amazing, but pretty much everything they post on instagram looks delicious.

2. Comehiro

This is the first GF bakery I discovered in Tokyo and one of my favorites. Their breads are so good and are labeled for all allergens, so they can accommodate different people’s dietary needs. I love how they carry unique Japanese-style breads, like “melon pan” or “okonomiyaki” flavor. They always have had an online shop and it seems to be operating as usual. 

3. Organic Cafe M2 (Cubread)

This Shizuoka bakery has an online shop with both sweet and savory rice breads and bagels. They use organic ingredients for their breads, and most come in a set of different types.

4. Where is a Dog

This is an 100% GF Tokyo restaurant that also sells bread and bagels they make themselves in their online shop. They also sell other ingredients for home cooking. If you’d like to visit their shop, check their instagram for hours and holidays.

Desserts and Sweets

5. Mikage Gluten Free

This is a new business that makes pies (both sweet and savory), muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. The pies come frozen, so you can order a few at a time and have an easy meal or dessert with no fuss. They use local, ethical ingredients to support local farmers. The online shop is in both English and Japanese.

6. Danny Churros 

This Fukuoka GF churro shop recently started selling churro kits online. Check their instagram for promotions and to find out when you can visit the store in person.

7. Izumo Farm

I fell in love with this brand’s Baumkuchen, which are sold at Una Casita in Tokyo. They also have an online shop that sells a variety of GF sweets. Japanese farmers are struggling recently, and this is one way to help a Yamaguchi farm and curb your sweet tooth cravings.

8. Coconut Dream 

This shop specializes in “Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Soy, Refined Sugar Free” sweets. They currently have a campaign that offers free shipping on orders that meet the 7500 yen minimum.

Ingredients for Cooking at Home

9. Kobayashi Seimen

I have been ordering from this company for several years, and they just keep expanding their product lineup. They have a selection of Japanese noodles, such as udon and ramen, and also different types of pasta. They also have a pizza crust, sweets, and baking mixes. They also have many products that are egg free, dairy free, and vegan. You can sometimes find their ramen packets at Natural Lawson, and Kaldi Coffee Farm usually has their pasta.

10. Nakano Sorghum 

This Shikoku company grows their own sorghum and has a sorghum-only dedicated factory, so their products are safe for celiacs and vegans, as well as people with other common allergies. They sell pastas and flour mixes made from sorghum. 

11. QFactory

This company specializes in quinoa products and make their products in a quinoa-only factory, so they are safe for celiacs and people with other food allergies. They sell quinoa, quinoa flour, and other quinoa products. 

12. Casa de Sarasa

This Shibuya taco shop is delicious. Even though I always have some masa and a tortilla press around my house, I’m usually too lazy to make corn tortillas myself. They just started selling their corn tortillas online


13. Incider Japan

This is a cider magazine and cider distributor with a great lineup of imported ciders. You can buy their ciders online.

14. Antenna America

This place is normally a happening drinking spot and mostly specializes in craft beer, but they do have some ciders for sale in their online shop too. Just type “cider” in the search bar.

15. Healthy Tokyo

I wasn’t sure which category to put this shop in since they mainly sell CBD oil, but do also sell some GF and vegan baked goods and even frozen GF vegan lasagna. They are one of the few GF (maybe the only?) GF/vegan option in Haneda airport when their cafe is open, but they also sell many items online and recently opened a cafe in Tokyo too.

What did we leave out?

By no means is this list comprehensive. If there’s a favorite shop in your neighborhood, you might check if they’re doing Uber Eats or have started an online shop.

If we should add a business to our next post, let us know. We hope to make more posts like this one to spread the word and help keep gluten-free companies around even during these challenging times.

Hoping for everyone’s health and safety and please let us know how we can help you out! Thanks for all your support.


  1. In the US, using Uber Eats is not a good way to support a local restaurant because the fees they charge are ridiculous. Don’t know if this true in Japan. I have heard that the delivery people in Japan average below minimum wage in earnings.


    1. Yes this is very true. In fact, Gluten-Free T’s Kitchen was one of the first restaurants to encourage special GF section. We have been trying to research which shops are doing Uber Eats right now. We always see the guys biking around, so they must be doing great business these days.


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